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 "There are only two types of music that swing - jazz, and Scottish music.”  

“Not only professional, but intuitive... Seemed to know what to play, how to play it, and when to play it. Great musician, and wonderful "people person. –Gary G of Lincoln Nebraska


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Instruments of Peace

Playing, Dancing & Laughing at the Library

Music draws us together as well as

lifts us up. It unites us and reminds

us of the greatness and beauty that

we are all capable of. As we

continue to ght the good ght, we

must remember to feed our souls

and take pleasure in the joys of life

that rejuvenate us and allow us to

continue moving ever forward.

In that vein, on March 11 Instruments of

Peace played on the lawn of the Park Hill

Library. They dedicated their performance

to the Earth, the people living on the Earth,

as well as all of the animals. Using instruments

born of a military tradition of pipes

and drums going to battle, Instruments of

Peace uses these same instruments to

promote peace.

Seeing the faces of the crowd while they

played, I was reminded why music plays

such a vital role in our everyday lives. From

the exuberant dancing of the children, to

the enthralled toe tapping of adults seated

in camping chairs, and the wistful smiles ofthose standing on the periphery listening, I

was reminded of the Stevie Wonder lyric,

“Music is a world within itself, with a language

we all understand.” One woman leaned lovingly

into the person she came to the concert

with and whispered something that made

them both smile. Another young lady felt the

call to meditate in the lotus position while the

music played, and we all felt a little more Zen

as a result.

Park Hill librarian Tara Bannon wrote the

above description of Instruments of Peace for

the April 2, 2017 issue of the Greater Park Hill

Community News

Doug Reichlin